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Welcome to Odinworlds

Firstly thank you to the Japanese President of the Odin fan club for support, info and material that will be put up on the blog. My mission and overall goal with the creation of Odinworld is to display pictures, designs, collectibles, reviews, information and the legend of the anime classic: Odin - Photon Space Sailer Starlight. All reviews that are collected will be fully credited to the original reviewer and are used without permission, if I have used your review on this blog and you don’t want it on Odinworld please email me at and said article/review will be removed immediately. On the other hand if you see something you wrote/reviewed on Odinworld why not just be cool with it, you are building the monster which will become Odin world. I will provide links to torrents of the uncut movie along with links to pod cast reviews of Odin. I have a anime podcast called Anime82 and will do my own review of Odin in honour of the creation of Odinworld. You may notice the intro provided by the Japanese president is somewhat hard to understand, but as he took the time and effort to honour us with a intro, I have left the intro untouched. Love it or hate it Odin is now part of the world....Odinworld!

Regan Strongblood

A Message from the President

Welcome to Odinworld I am president of Japan Odin fan society with few words of intro.
Thanks to Mr Strongblood for keeping Odin Spirit well in North, welcome and please keep searching for Odin....

Space battleship Yamato/from completion compilation' immediately after, the Nisizaki justice spreading/displaying producer frequently, “try the revival of Yamato,” first you start the plan which 'king of [desura]'. Popularity [kiyara] “of Yamato”, with the work which designates President death Ra of the [gamirasu] star as the protagonist, this is held up following release announces summer of 84.

Consequently being summer of 84, the new work 'photon sailing ship starlight' becomes, it announced the plan which together, “animation 3 year plan” it struck out, 1st feature 'king of [desura]', 2nd feature received semi- village well in the original, '妖 star transmission', and 3rd feature 'the Yamato birth compilation'?!

This “animation revival three year plan” or “to change Yamato revival three year plan” and name, 1st feature 'the photon sailing ship starlight', 2nd 'the [desurazu] war I/battleship star plain gauze', 3rd feature 'space battleship Yamato/the birth compilation' (or 'space battleship Yamato/the revival compilation) with it could change feature' afterwards. '' The [desurazu] war “1” a certain way, seems that is schedule of no section work.

Title 'the o dean/venture 2099' was modified to unknown, but immediately before the releasing 'the o dean/to the photon sailing ship starlight' re-modification. That is this work. “Dream the once more” thinking producer was placed, it is in fact “the Yamato” [rimeiku] work.

As for the producer having emphasized however before the releasing, that the point which you say whether how “Yamato” it is different. It has been said, but 'as for Yamato' 200 year future story 'the o dean' is ahead 100 years. It has been said, but 'as for Yamato' the warship 'the starlight number of the o dean' is demilitarization by the merchant ship. It has been said, 'with Yamato' the loom was used, but 'with the o dean' gravity cutoff navigation is adopted. It has been said, but 'as for Yamato' the symphony which designates jazz as keynote 'the o dean' is the hard lock, etc. But if the difference is emphasized, it became the result that the extent which is done, the similarity becomes conversely relief.

Difference of the times, ahead 100 years and ahead 200 years cannot get wise with image, has started advancing also outside solar system but if in this world as for the hand of the mankind the setting that, it has not extended, the gravity cutoff navigation which changes to loom navigation is used to only Jupiter, vis-a-vis “the Yamato” world, if you say, that it can fly away to outside outer space, after all it is the same thing. But the starlight number which is not the battleship, there is no about you arm strengthen midway, picture the wave motion gun and what to change to the especially bow the electronic scraper gun is equipped up to reaching. It is new to appoint loudness to subject song, the attempt whose also it is new to participate the music unit TPO which Amano right track and others has united there is no either not saying, but as for having taken charge of music itself Yasushi's and Haneda Kentarou's Miyagawa which adapts combination. This just is something which is on the extended line “of Yamato”. Next, because SE (effective sound) it is diverted “Yamato” empty in large quantities, if it does from the aspect “of sound”, difference is good asserting that almost it is not, (the cast the person “of the Yamato” edge is done some person the casting).

But also the main staff even with “the person who manages the Yamato” series long is many, 'so is space it introduces first aircraft carrier blue Noah', it is different from “Yamato”, if you say, that it is different, you think that more the surface, it is quick to change the part which is recognized even with the amateur but is, so as for the notion that where it did not do, as mentioned earlier, “dream, that the once more” thinking was strong only, there is no expression. Originally, it is something which diverts TV series plan with say, as for the story in the middle of travelling it ends it was not something where and, as usual the captain (captain) as midway dies in battle and, the hand is added to the film in the or open middle where production is not in time, produces, the work is possible and is never praised. As even entertainment been the crushing defeat, as for carrying to essential “Yamato” revival it was not possible. If this it is, tricks, that you think, but is, perhaps whether from first it does not mean that the one which keeps pushing out “Yamato” revival to the front is better, rather than nature, rather than desire, what it has amorousness. Though not to be conscious of “Yamato”, as for the point which it should appraise in that appearance that you think as long as (not knowing) is seen whether it is. Height of quality of drawing, composition and layout, the production aspect which includes those, when the script which to that can give room in story development (“Yamato” is, always to stuff too much, in order to keep cutting that midway, the explanatory insufficient situation and the explanatory excessive speech are appeared,) the charm which is not “Yamato” is.

Critical opinion it is many by the way in regard to the production system and the producer “of Yamato”, either the staff who goes away from the work midway is not little. In addition recently becoming open, the person who expresses critical opinion it is, but is, why as for some person of those staffs that way 'in the o dean' participating, the fact that or returning and is puzzle. In addition although finally it is shaved from credit, at early stage there is also a name of the “Matsumoto zero loyal retainer,” there are some whose also reverse side of these human patterns is interesting.

-greetings from Japan-
by odin2995

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